Purple Mountain

  • 17th November, 2017

Another great day out with the UCC Mountaineering club as we took on Purple Mountain situated in the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney Co. Kerry. The hike began with a lovely walk up through the Black Valley where we took in the stunning views of the valley around us as well as seeing some Jaunting carts

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Coumloughra Horseshoe

  • 9th November, 2017

The Coumloughra Horseshoe is always one of the most anticipated hikes of first semester. The achievement of climbing the three highest peak in Ireland all in one day is something we are all proud to say we have now achieved. We began by climbing an almost vertical concrete path (slight exaggeration

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Coomasaharn hike, Glenbeigh

  • 9th November, 2017

Our Coomasahrn hike was probably by far my favorite hike of the semester yet. The weather looked bleak but our spirits were high as our eager and excited hikers set off on a 6 hour hike up Coomasaharn mountain in Glenbeigh Co. Kerry. We began by challenging a difficult rocky mountain side where we

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Dingle Weekend

  • 12th October, 2017

Our Dingle weekend took place last weekend which saw 55 hikers and climbers travel to the lovely hidden gem of Dingle in Co.Kerry. We stayed in a little hostel called Rainbow hostel where the hostel was taken over by eager hikers and climbers ready to tackle the cliffs and mountains the following

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Comeragh Mountain

  • 2nd October, 2017

Well done to all our hikers who successfully completed our hike in the Comeragh Mountains on Sunday. We braced the elements for this hike and headed for the hills where we were faced with slightly challenging terrain and experienced a bit of rock climbing which was a first for some of our hikers. We

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Gap of Dunloe Hike

  • 25th September, 2017

Another successful hike by UCC mountaineering club was undertaken yesterday in the Gap of Dunloe in Killarney. Both hikers and climbers attended this trip. Two weeks in a row of good weather as we had the sun with us for the whole day and not a drop of rain : :-) The climbers challenged three rock

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Gougane Barra Hike

  • 21st September, 2017

Our first hike to Gougane Barra was a massive success. We were absolutely blessed with the weather and had the sun against our backs for the entire hike. We would like to thank each and everyone one of our amazing hikers who were so cooperative with all our leaders as the first hike always has a

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24th May Banff Mountain Film Festivel Cork.

  • 24th April, 2015


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Mountaineering Ireland Guidelines

  • 17th January, 2015

For many of us, walking and climbing is about enjoyment, recreation, and freedom from structures and regulations. These activities bring us to very special places, but our enjoyment of these areas brings with it a responsibility. We need to be aware of the impact we have on our environment and take

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