Coomasaharn hike, Glenbeigh

Our Coomasahrn hike was probably by far my favorite hike of the semester yet. The weather looked bleak but our spirits were high as our eager and excited hikers set off on a 6 hour hike up Coomasaharn mountain in Glenbeigh Co. Kerry. We began by challenging a difficult rocky mountain side where we quickly climbed vertical distance upwards to 560m. We then crossed a very typical Irish terrain of muddy bog until we reached around 660m. Once above the clouds we were surprised to see a surreal rainbow which followed us as we climbed. It was as if the rainbow was a halo above your head. We later found out that this is called a Brocken Spectre. To add to the phenomena we also witness a rainbow cloud which also followed us a we hiked. So after witnessing these weather phenomenons, we were challenged by a steep narrow ridge which everyone took in their stride and crossed at ease. After a final push, we reached the summit the highest peak at Coomacarrea at 772m. A successful hike no doubt! Well done to all hiker and climber involved.