There is no better way, in the clubs opinion, of spending your Sunday than being out and about exploring the majestic Irish landscape. If you are tired of studying 9-5, stuck indoors all day, looking to get some fresh air and clear your mind of your hectic college schedule than look no further, UCC Mountaineering club is the club for you. UCC Mountaineering Club is an active and energetic club with members from all across the globe, full of outdoor enthusiasts eager to go on an adventure exploring the Irish landscape. The rugged mountain ranges which dominate the skyline offer spectacular views and adventurous off the beaten track routes which wind their way around the secluded landscape. The Irish mountains are steeped in history, folklore and archaeology with each mountain contributing its own tale. Old stone walls, buildings and ancient monuments are scattered across the mountains where our ancestors gone before us made their presence known on the landscape.

Most of our hikes take place in Munster which offer, to those willing to get down and dirty in the boggy waterlogged terrain full of swampy grounds, the most striking, yet tranquil experience of our unique landscape. Every hike in the mountains is different to the previous one and while we cant guarantee you good weather, what we can offer is a day full of exploring our natural landscape, socializing and making new friends and most importantly having an enjoyable day. You will always have a good story to tell at the end of the day, be it loosing boots in swampy grounds, hiking in Gaol force winds of up to 100km/h with water bottles catapulting from your hiking bag or having your own record for the most falls on a single hike there’s always a funny tale to tell.

Aside from exploring mountains we are very lucky to be able to offer our fellow explorers a chance to rock climb  at the climbing wall at the Mardyke gym. This takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays from 20:00 -22:30. Committee members will be on hand to belay new members for the first hour each night. We have experienced committee members on hand to show you the ropes where you can try out rock climbing as well as bouldering. Don’t worry you’re in safe hands! Its a fantastic way to try out both aspects of the club, if you have always wondered what climbing is like. Even if you have a fear of heights like most of us do, fear not, our experienced climbers will make you feel so relaxed and confident that after your first climb you will be eager to have a second go. You don’t have to have any experience in any of our activities as we cater for all experience levels and gear for rock climbing is fully provided.

Of course we have a social side to our club too, we organize a number of social events throughout the year including weekly Wednesday pub gatherings at Tom Barry’s after climbing training, bowling nights and weekends trips. The highlights of  the year, in our opinion is our weekend trip to Dingle which happens in semester one and a week long trip in Snowdonia Wales during the Easter.

We also run a mountains skills and navigation program throughout the year for enthusiastic hikers who would love to be leading the hikes.

If you have any questions you can contact us at mountaineering@uccclubs.ie or send us a message on Facebook: just search UCC Mountaineering Club (Official).

Dont forget to follow us on instagram @uccmountaineering and add us on Snapchat to keep up to date with real time hike and climbing footage! 

See ye on the hills  🙂